Deck the halls with loads of gifts, fa la la la la, la la la la. Isn’t that how the song goes? It’s time to start thinking about Christmas gift ideas as the holiday season approaches. We’ve got you covered if you can’t recall the name of that product Mum mentioned she wanted six months ago. Stocking stuffers, under-the-tree successes, and a few gifts that might not make it to New Year’s Day (Christmas pudding chocolate bar, anyone? ), our gifting guide has it all.


We’ve compiled a list of Christmas gift ideas that you can add to your shopping cart before you even start putting up your Christmas decorations. Our stocking stuffers also make great Secret Santa presents (so the workplace party is taken care of). We also have a large selection of Christmas presents for children, including some incredibly stylish Christmas sweaters.

So, what do you have to lose? Begin your holiday shopping today to avoid the holiday rush. Fill in the blanks on your Christmas present list with items from our Christmas Shop.

Play, eat, sleep.

It’s the season for kids to enjoy a lot of fun, and we’ve got everything you’ll need to make it happen. Christmas presents for children don’t have to be extravagant or costly. You may dress them up in festive outfits for photos or teach them a fun card game.

You may celebrate with a delicious and instructive gift like our Lindt Teddy and Storybook, which combines a decadent, chocolaty teddy-shaped delight with the famous Christmas narrative The Night Before Christmas.

You may also get brownie points with youngsters and their parents by combining a night light with a sippy cup. The LiteCup has a built-in night light to help young eyes see in the dark while drinking, as well as a 360° rim to prevent spillage.


How about a Top Trumps game with the older kids? This family favourite is appropriate for children aged 6-7 and above and is ideal for Christmas Day entertainment – your mini-me will enjoy the fast-paced action. To learn more, click on the image.

Christmas is a time to be merry, and festive cuisine adds a heaping helping of happiness. You may also get ahead on Christmas presents as you’re picking up bits and pieces along the route in preparation for December.

These presents are ideal for the buddy who always knows where to eat the most incredible food or spends their weekends sipping artisan beer. They’ve got extended expiration dates, so they’ll be perfect for Christmas Day and beyond – providing the person you’ve given them to can resist the temptation to eat them right away.

With our list of must-have presents this holiday season, you’ll be able to choose the perfect gift for your foodie. Let’s start with M&S Snow Globe Gin, a British classic. The light-up bottle with winter designs, or the variety of flavours, we’re not sure which is more appealing. There’s a reason why Ocado consumers love this show-stopper.

The M&S light-up shortbread tin goes excellent with the Snow Globe Gin if you’re purchasing for someone who enjoys lovely lights as much as tasty food. It’s also a terrific choice for your non-drinking buddies. Plus, the vegans in your lives will appreciate the animal-free chocolate orange truffles. At Christmas, no one should be without a chocolate orange.


We did promise you a chocolate bar with Christmas pudding. If it makes it through the holiday season, it’ll be the ideal way to relish the flavour of Christmas in 2022. To learn more, click on the image.

There’s no need to personalise stocking stuffers; these little gifts are all about bringing smiles to people’s faces. Some of them are so delicious that they won’t last long. And they’re not only for gift stuffers. They’re ideal for the individual who has everything, for someone you don’t know well, and for the office gift exchange.

Are you looking for something sweet to eat? One bar is never enough when it comes to Tony’s Choco lonely. That’s why we adore this sample pack, which includes six delicious (and ethical) chocolate bars, is vegetarian-friendly, and is as close to the end of the rainbow as you’ll get in December.

If you’re looking for a present for a dark chocolate lover, we have a grain of sea salt and caramel truffle set that could earn you the award for greatest gifter of the year.

Combine it with a Cowshed Winter Candle and a pair of warm M&S socks for the ideal cure for a gloomy afternoon. This combination can help you beat the January blues.

Are you looking for a gift for a millennial? With a dangling avocado adornment, they’ve upped their tree game. It’ll last until Christmas 2021 and will brighten their holiday decor for years to come. It’s a present that keeps on giving. To learn more, click on the image.

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