To find out what would be the most popular items in 2020, I looked into the statistics – yeah, you read that correctly – the actual data. The top dropshipping goods of 2020, the reasons why they were so successful, and how to utilise this knowledge to discover winning products for your company in 2021, are all on display in the video above.

You’ll want to stick around until the finish if you’ve ever wondered about the optimal pricing approach for a certain product. Without further ado, let’s get this party started.



Massage Gun

To round things off, we’ve got a massage gun, which we’ve been talking about in our live broadcasts on Tuesdays (hint, hint, come join us). Massages may cost up to $200 per session, depending on where you live and where you get them.

In most cases, the massage pistol costs between $50 and $60 to buy directly from the manufacturer, and most retailers offer it for about $100.

All you have to do to make sales is remind them that a 45- to 1-hour massage costs at least $100 to $200. If they spend $100 on a massage gun, they can get as many massages as they want for as long as they want.

As a result of this, plus the fact that people are wary of getting near to others during the epidemic, this is an excellent product to market.

Back Stretcher

The revolutionary posture corrector for the back may be the ninth best-selling product in 2020. It’s a stretcher with a massager for your back.

This device is very easy to assemble; it consists of just a few pieces of plastic that you adjust yourself. You may extend your back by lying back on it.

To be quite honest, since I don’t have any back issues, I don’t understand the need to purchase a product like this. However, it’s obvious that many people do.

Using Facebook and putting in “back stretcher” or “back massager” is an excellent method to market this product, in my opinion. In an instant, you’ll be bombarded with advertisements for this product from well-known companies.

To be clear, I do not recommend duplicating any of these advertisements verbatim.

You may, however, utilise them as a source of information and as a model for your own advertisements. Analyze the issues that their consumers have, and you’ll see how to position this product.

Women’s Simple Canvas Backpack

For some reason, the eighth-best-selling 2020 product on this list surprised me. In any case, it’s the numbers that speak for themselves. Women’s canvas backpacks were the seventh most popular item.

It’s common knowledge that goods that elicit strong emotions in consumers and are visually appealing are the best choices when it comes to choosing ideal dropshipping products to sell. On the other hand, it’s a good illustration of the fact that successful goods don’t always meet all the requirements.

I strongly advise you to sell this item if you own a women’s fashion or accessory shop.

Inflatable Hiking Sleeping Pad

No one should be surprised by 2020’s seventh best-selling item. It’s a blow-up mattress pad.

This roll-up sleeping mat is great for travelling since it’s light and portable. It’s very lightweight, and both inflating and deflating it are a cinch. When you go hiking or camping, you don’t have to lug along bulky air mattresses.

Except for spending time in nature, most hobbies and sports were out of reach for individuals due to the epidemic. I’d sell the sleeping mat if you run an outdoor shop or a business that sells hiking or tactical goods.

Adjustable Laptop Stand

This year’s sixth-best-selling item caught me off guard, but not for the reasons you’d expect. It was the movable laptop stand that caused the issue. With this laptop stand, you can work from the comfort of your bed or sofa while using your laptop.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself, “Magda, what gave you the creeps when you saw it? Because of the outbreak, everyone is compelled to work from home or stay inside. It’s no surprise that it’s a hit.”

Dropshippers often have a difficult time selling goods that are readily accessible on Amazon or other big-box retailers. That’s why I was surprised to find these items on this list.

Yes, you may buy an adjustable laptop desk from a variety of retailers. As the statistics show, just because something is easily accessible does not mean you cannot profit from it significantly.Anyone in business may benefit from learning from this experience.

It doesn’t imply you can’t sell and earn big profits just because you have a product that is already accessible elsewhere.

Waterproof Dog Seat Cover

It’s no surprise that our YouTube live broadcasts and blog have both highlighted the fifth-best-selling 2020 product. It’s a seat cover for your dog’s car that’s waterproof.

Weighing just a few pounds, the waterproof dog seat cover fits conveniently in the trunk of your vehicle and provides protection from the elements. As a result, it won’t become filthy or wet if your dog jumps in it.

This year, sales of this item skyrocketed. At any time of year, individuals have been known to bring their dogs to local parks with them. However, as a result of the outbreak, more people than ever before own pets. More visits to the park and dirtier car seats are in store.

And seeing a filthy car seat is a surefire way to get people’s blood boiling. That’s a great opening line for a product video ad since it forces viewers to pause their browsing and concentrate.

Resistance Bands

If you’ve been following our live broadcasts or have been receiving our emails, you won’t be surprised to learn about our fourth best-selling product for 2020. It’s a set of rubber bands. The product has been all over the place for a good cause, as you know.

This year, resistance bands have brought in a lot of revenue for dropshippers. However, why are resistance bands now the most popular workout accessory? For starters, they’re small and light, making them a breeze to transport.

Let me give you an example from my own experience. Home workouts are some of my favourites. Also, I’ve been contemplating purchasing some dumbbells for my little home gym. Dumbbells may easily cost me $100, which surprised me.

When compared to resistance bands, they’re cheap, effective, and easy to carry everywhere.

When you purchase resistance bands, they usually come in a set so that you can start with the softer ones and work your way up to the sturdier ones.

It’s never too late to start selling resistance bands as a dropshipper. Just because a product was the most popular in 2020 doesn’t guarantee it would remain so in 2021.

Just a reminder: It’s just a few weeks away, and that means it’s time to start thinking about new year’s goals. Now is the moment to cash in on the resistance band craze by offering your products for sale.

Ab Muscle Trainer

The third most popular item in 2020 will be… I’ve seen this one previously on best-sellers. However, I must admit that seeing it here shocked me much.

It’s an abs exerciser, of course. Yes, that’s the ab muscle trainer you’ve seen advertised all over the internet, whether on Facebook or Google. It’s meant to be a little attachment you connect to your stomach or other parts of your body, switch on, and watch as your skin gets torn.

To be quite honest, I didn’t think it would show up today. But this simply proves that a product’s popularity last year doesn’t guarantee its popularity this year.

A word of advice: If you’re trying to sell this product on Facebook, don’t post before-and-after photos because you risk having your Facebook advertising account blocked.

Check out our most recent video for tips on staying on the right side of Facebook’s guidelines and not getting your ad account banned.

Tree with LED Lights

The second most popular item in 2020 is… This one was a complete surprise and had a huge impact on sales this year.

The LED bonsai tree is what you’re looking at. Those bonsai trees on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram videos and photos are all the same bonsai tree. This LED bonsai tree has taken the market by storm this year, and it’s sure to be a top seller.

Bluetooth LED Strip Lights

As we approach 2020, what will be the top-selling item? In 2020, Bluetooth strip LED lights were the most popular item on the market.

Watching dropshipping or best-selling product videos, you won’t be shocked to find it on the list, or even at the top of the heap.

Everywhere you look these days, you’ll see Bluetooth LED strip lights. If you’ve ever seen a bonsai tree, you’ve probably seen these strip lights in action as well, whether it’s on Twitch, YouTube, or TikTok videos.

Additionally, they’re very affordable yet have the ability to totally alter your living environment. Additionally, you have the option of customising the lighting to match your company’s aesthetic. Selling these lights is a no-brainer for any kind of tech or gadget shop, or a business that caters to video producers.

However, be innovative in terms of who you want to market them to. Just because I said content producers before doesn’t imply that those who play video games would not enjoy these behind their TV while they play their new Sony PlayStation 5.

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