How to Vlog: A Complete Guide to Start Vlogging in 2022

How to Vlog: A Complete Guide to Start Vlogging in 2022

How to become a successful vlogger

Would you trust me if I told you that you could become a successful YouTuber/vlogger?

YouTube is unquestionably overburdened; 500 hours of video are posted every minute. Thousands of hours of video are produced each year by hundreds of million-dollar YouTubers and bloggers.

How could you possibly break through the noise?

So, I’m here to tell you that video blogging still has a lot of room for growth.

Vlogging’s Potential and Why You Should Do It

Take a look at how much money companies and agencies are investing in video ads and where it’s expected to go:

Breaking into the vlogging scene isn’t as simple as a few years ago, but the video is more vital than ever in developing a successful internet marketing plan.


How to Create Quality Video Content for Your Vlog

Videography is a demanding career. When you see all of the aspects that go into producing a television show or a feature film, you’ll be worried that you’ll never be able to do it.

The reality is, you probably won’t be able to, and that’s just fine.

People that come to your site to see your video don’t expect it to be a Steven Spielberg production.

People understand what vlogging is.

However, this does not negate the need for quality. The importance of quality hasn’t changed.

Fortunately, the cost of producing high-quality movies has constantly been declining and is still falling. An increasing variety of equipment is available to transform your amateur film into a professional-looking production.

Step 1. Get a Camera and Tripod

Step 1. Get a Camera and Tripod

You may be tempted to utilize your iPhone.

And, to be honest, smartphone cameras have improved dramatically over the years. You’ve undoubtedly already shot some fantastic photographs and movies with your phone.

However, smartphone cameras make serious video blogging difficult for the following reasons:

  • They’re difficult to install correctly.
  • They have a shallow depth of field.
  • They only have a few possibilities for exposure.
  • It’s a dreadful sound.

Selfie videos are best suited for Instagram Stories and other similar platforms.

They can be an element of your video strategy but not the entire approach.

Cameras are available in a wide variety of quality, from low-cost units to professional equipment that may cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Step 2. Get a Microphone

Step 2. Get a Microphone

You can use an external microphone with a camera with a mic-in jack (which you can also do while recording with your smartphone), or buy a USB microphone and record the sound straight to your computer.

The sort of settings you’re recording in will determine whether or not you wish to capture sound directly from the camera.

Separating the recording between two devices enhances the difficulty of synchronizing the sound and picture.

To get around this, make a clap sound that activates your audio visualizer at each synchronizing, then line it up with the video’s audio.

The importance of having outstanding sound in your videos cannot be overstated. Sound is one of our most basic senses, and it should be incorporated into any marketing plan.

lousy audio may turn people off and make it difficult for you to get your point through.

Step 3. Create Your Lighting Setup

Step 3. Create Your Lighting Setup

Video lighting is an art form in and of itself. However, because most video setups only have three significant lights, getting a nice effect is surprisingly simple.

The key is to set yourself or your subject out from the surroundings. Of course, you can accomplish this with the focus and depth of field. However, when there is a difference in illumination, it seems much more professional.

A professional lighting setup isn’t even required.

You can make a passable lighting arrangement out of whatever bulbs you have lying around the house.

You may also get LED board lights that disperse effectively without becoming hot, which is one of the disadvantages of incandescent bulbs. If you aren’t shooting in a controlled environment, you can buy versions to attach to your camera.

successful vlog how to light your videos

In general, it’s preferable to be brighter. Because the camera captures more light and more information, the image is more transparent.

Step 4. Get a Teleprompter

Step 4. Get a Teleprompter

It’s lovely to be able to communicate spontaneously. Some YouTubers have a natural style that works quite well. Take, for example, Freddy My Love, a beautiful YouTuber. Years of practice have perfected her smooth and natural technique.

You’ll almost certainly want assistance in delivering material in a clear and organized manner.

You might practice a few takes by memorizing talking points. Then you may splice the most delicate portions together.

However, this is a more time-consuming operation than utilizing a teleprompter.

A teleprompter allows you to hit all critical points without memorizing them or clumsily transitioning between them. You could even construct a screenplay that you could follow word for word.

It’s more than just a time-saver, though. It vastly enhances your ability to interact with your audience.

When speaking directly to your audience, having notes or something written off screen leads you to lose eye contact.

According to Cornell University research, humans will automatically enhance eye contact with someone we like or like.

When discussing humiliating or difficult topics, on the other hand, we prefer to break eye contact.

Viewers will follow YouTubers and vloggers they admire. While reading your script or bullet points, you can gaze directly into the eyes of your audience.

A teleprompter may appear complicated, but it is relatively easy.

Teleprompting works by reflecting the words onto a slanted piece of glass, allowing you to read them.

The camera will not pick up the light reflecting from the text on the glass as long as there is darkness between the mirror and the camera lens. The camera will see only you.

On the other hand, you will be able to read the text as it scrolls. It appears as follows:

You may purchase a teleprompting system and utilize a teleprompting app on your iPad or tablet.

Even more complicated devices connect to foot pedals that regulate the speed with which the text scrolls.

If all of that sounds like too much, you can always make one yourself out of a CD case and your smartphone to see how it works.

Step 5. Do Your Makeup

Step 5. Do Your Makeup

This may sound controversial – which I don’t mind since I want you to have as many alternatives as possible for success – but people enjoy viewing films with well-dressed individuals.

You don’t have to be Brad Pitt, and you shouldn’t go overboard, but you should give it you are all.

You have a high-definition camera and a lighting setup. People have never seen you in such a clear light as they do now.

For example, when you light yourself, there will very likely be gleaming areas of your skin. That’s your skin’s natural oil.

The most popular makeup is a powder that absorbs oil and makes your face look smooth without reflecting too much light.

Try experimenting with your lighting settings to identify where your skin is a little too gleaming.

To be clear, this applies equally to men and women.

Then, if necessary, dust with powder. Your video (and you) will appear much more polished.



Making films is similar to learning any other skill. The more you do it, the better you will get at it.

Video editing makes your life easier by allowing you to quickly build your material by allowing you to cut between the finest footage.

It’s simple to locate — and utilize — video editing software. iMovie is included with all Macs and is accessible as an iOS app.

It’s simple to use because of the drag-and-drop interface.

There are many videos on YouTube if you ever need to know how to perform anything like shorten a transition or overlay an image.

To summarise, you should be producing a lot of material. You might not even utilize the majority of it. However, each time you attempt something new, you improve.

It would help if you also were cautious about oversharing. Instead, it would help if you concentrated on a higher-quality approach.

Even if you believe you did a fantastic job the first time, push yourself to try again.

You never know when you’ll come across something unique.

Now that you have the keys to create your movies to carry out your strategy, the hard work begins.

How to Get People to See Your Vlogs

When you produce a video, you have complete control over the outcome.

You pick how much time and money you want to put into making your video. You choose who you work with and how you want the project to turn out.

Then you choose when to publish it online.

You have no control over when other people see it.

Step 1. Create an Awesome Thumbnail

Step 1. Create an Awesome Thumbnail

Before they start watching the movie, many viewers will look at the thumbnail on the player.

This is in reality, the piece of communication that reaches all of the people who see your video but don’t watch it.

That piece of digital real estate is your small promo box, and it has the potential to increase interaction. Take your time to make it fantastic.

You must adhere to the brand’s ideals and requirements, but you should design something unique to present yourself in the best light possible.

Step 2. Optimize Your Video for Search

Step 2. Optimize Your Video for Search

I’m not simply referring to Google search.

By itself, YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine. All of those queries have resulted in a massive number of views.

It would help if you improved your descriptions to optimize for search. YouTube cannot crawl your videos in the same way that Googlebot scans your website.

To get YouTube SEO correct, you’ll need to provide a hand. There are a few things you can do to help:

Write a description of the video that is at least 250 words long and covers all topics.

Get your keywords in the first few phrases of the description, and utilize them at least three or four times in the body of the report.

Step 3. Use End Screens to Promote Other Videos

Step 3. Use End Screens to Promote Other Videos

Anyone who has seen your video all the way through is likely to be highly interested in what you have to say. That is the ideal moment to capture them of all.

YouTube created finish screens to hold people’s attention at the end of your video.

You can show your viewers relevant or highlighted videos 20 seconds before the conclusion of your video and for a few seconds after that.

Step 4. Get People to Subscribe to Your YouTube Channel

Step 4. Get People to Subscribe to Your YouTube Channel

Increase your subscriber count if you want to make a successful vlog.

Views change throughout time.

Subscribers are different from those who just happened to notice your video.

They’re folks who were so enthralled by the video that they want to watch more of it. They’re hoping you’ll surprise them with something fantastic once more.

Furthermore, when considering options to work with YouTubers, media outlets and companies will utilize subscribers as a critical measure.

Step 5. Go Live

Step 5. Go Live

In the world of digital marketing, live video is the next frontier. It signifies a plethora of possibilities. It’s a lot easier to get on the Live home page than getting on the ordinary YouTube site.

I’ve covered everything you need to know about going live on YouTube and why it’s so crucial.

You may also communicate directly with folks while they watch you live.

You may react to people’s inquiries in the chat room in real-time. This establishes a real-time connection.

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