How do I build a website at no cost?

How do I build a website at no cost?


How do I build a website at no cost?
How do I build a website at no cost?

The ultimate guide to How do build a website free?


Making a website for you or your company has historically been an expensive undertaking. This is because, at minimum, you’d need to cover hosting domain registration, as well as unless you created and created the site yourself, professional help to build a website at no cost.

In the past few years, the advancements in technology mean that things have changed, and it’s possible to make websites free of charge, without paying one cent. One of the most straightforward methods to achieve this is to choose one of the top website builder services, signing up for your preferred service’s free plans and then constructing your website.

The greatest benefit of completing this task yourself is no need for prior web design or development expertise. This is because the website builder does the more complicated aspects of the building process. This article will explain the steps you have to follow to create a website without cost.

Step 1: Select a free online website builder.


How do I build a website at no cost?


There are a variety of free web builders available that are available. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages that’s why you’ll have to take your time deciding which one is the most suitable for your requirements. For instance, Wix is the world’s most popular building tool and comes with an affordable free plan. But the sheer capabilities of the editor mean that many people struggle to learn how to use it. Also, it may not be the ideal choice for newbies. Learn how to create your website using Wix in our comprehensive tutorial.

On the other end of the spectrum are alternatives such as the GoDaddy builder, which is basic but very simple. It’s not as powerful as competitors’ features, such as Wix; however, it’s an excellent choice for those new to the field and has little confidence. Please take a look at our step-by-step guide to building websites using GoDaddy to learn how to make a website using the service.

Step 2. Create an account for build a website free


How do I build a website at no cost?


The majority of website builders that offer an option to stay free for life can be very simple, to begin with. In most cases, you’ll be required to input certain personal information like names, emails and your password. It is not necessary to provide payment details to sign up with the free website builder.

For instance, GoDaddy asks for your email address, username, and password to sign up for an account. You can also connect to your Facebook or Google accounts to speed up the process of logging in.

Step 3: Pick the template.


How do I build a website at no cost?


Every website builder that is free and to use has some form templates library. There, you can get a collection of top-quality professional designs that you could make use of as a base for your brand new website. Most templates are highly categorized, which allows you to swiftly sort them by the kind of website you’re looking to create.

Weebly is an excellent example of a site builder with great templates. It offers a variety of themes designed professionally that allow you to begin editing immediately. They are generally appealing, and you shouldn’t face too much difficulty finding something you enjoy.

Step 4: Select a subdomain for build a website free


How do I build a website at no cost?


Like Wix, Weebly, and GoDaddy, most free web builders will provide you with a branded subdomain. In general, you’ll be able to customize the subdomain. However, it will come with some extensions associated with the builder you use. It isn’t possible to connect your domain without making the switch to a paid subscription.

For example, Weebly gives you a domain that looks like “” and lets you customize the “my website” part. On the other hand, GoDaddy sets your domain as “”, and you can’t change this.

Step 5: Set your global design settings


How do I build a website at no cost?


We’ve chosen to use GoDaddy’s GoDaddy website builder to serve as an example for the remainder of this article due to its popularity as well as its beginner-friendly editing interface.

Once you’ve signed up to a new account and picked the template you want to use, now is the time to begin making changes to your website. Begin by customizing the global design settings. GoDaddy lets you select two colour schemes and two fonts that are universal However, some other builders allow you to change more than this.

Step 6: Add additional pages to your menu and customize the bar.


How do I build a website at no cost?


Before you begin making changes to your website’s content, It’s best to design the pages you’ll need and link them from the main menu. Many web builders make it simple to accomplish, and some even provide templates for pages like Contact and Service pages.

With GoDaddy creating a new website is incredibly simple. Go to the “Website” tab in the editing menu on the right and then click the tiny plus icon in the upper right corner. After that, you must label your page, then specify whether you wish to display it in the main menu or footer menu and click”Create Page. “Create Page” button.

Step 7: Personalize your pages.


How do I build a website at no cost?


After designing the pages you require now, you can jump into creating content and page design process. Some web builders, such as Wix and HostGator, have a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to position elements precisely in the places you’d like them.

Other companies, such as GoDaddy, use section-based editors that come with predefined layouts. It’s recommended to experiment with your layout until you’re comfortable with it. Then, begin adding your content to your pages. Each editor is unique. However, most editors let you click on different elements before you can personalize them.

For instance, if you’re using GoDaddy, all you need to do is click on the part you wish to edit. There are a variety of editing options to the right of the screen. And typically, you’ll be able to edit the page by typing in or adding new content directly onto the page.

Step 8: Improve your website’s settings.


How do I build a website at no cost?


After you’re pleased with your site’s design, You should then improve your website settings in some way. Different web builders have different options; however, GoDaddy allows you to include a favicon, metadata, social media links, and other features.

Step 9: Hit publish & build a website at no cost


How do I build a website at no cost?


Suppose you’ve made it to this point; congratulations! If you’re satisfied with the overall layout and the information you’ve put on it, it’s time to press publish. Keep in mind that you’ll be able to edit once your site is online; therefore, don’t be concerned even if your site isn’t perfect.

In the final analysis, building websites for free is incredibly simple. Just sign up with a free online website builder, such as Wix or Weebly and follow the steps as described in the previous paragraph. While we chose to use GoDaddy as our primary example, GoDaddy website builder for our primary instance, any website builder that offers a free plan can follow the above procedure.

Be aware that you’re not finished when you click”publish. It’s crucial to be on top of regular maintenance, update your content regularly, and create a strong audience for online success.

If you’d like to know more about the websites builders discussed in-depth in the article below, take you to look through our GoDaddy review of their website builder and our Wix review and Weebly review of their website builders. We also have comparisons of GoDaddy against Wix and Wix against Squarespace against Weebly and find out which builders in this article are compared to each other.


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