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Best Ecommerce Website Builders in 2021

Best Way to Make Money Online

An Ecommerce Website is the Best Way to Make Money Online. There are many website builders, including the Ecommerce Website Builder and the best small business website builders. E-commerce software lets your business sell products online by allowing you to create a website.

You can drive sales through an ecommerce store, whether it’s online or offline. For online products, customers can receive them directly via email, while offline products are delivered to the shipping address provided by the customer during the checkout process. 

To launch an ecommerce business, you must have an online store on your website. You don’t need previous ecommerce website experience to do this. The best ecommerce website builders to help you start selling online are listed below.

How do you Choose from the Best eCommerce Website Builders?

Based on your business and growth potential, scale is the most critical factor. Therefore, a streamlined interface, various payment platforms, and functionality are crucial to cart recovery, shipping calculation, and inventory management.

What are the Best e-commerce Website Builders?

You should find an Ecommerce Website Builder that addresses your Business’s needs and preferences. We recommend Wix for small- and medium-sized businesses looking to launch an online store. Its drag-and-drop interface is simple to use, and it is loaded with marketing and SEO tools. 

The best choice may be Shopify if you’re a large business. There are higher monthly subscription fees and transaction commissions with it than with Wix. Over 1.2 million businesses are run by it via its content management system.

Additionally, there are several different platforms to choose from, each with its features. In addition to helping you maximize sales by tapping into various social media channels, Big Commerce and Squarespace allow creative professionals to build visually stunning, slick ecommerce sites.

Volusion is a cloud-based ecommerce platform that allows you to launch an online store in minutes; Weebly features free ecommerce tools through integration with Square Online; and Zyro is an affordable, beginner-friendly website builder with ecommerce capabilities. 

The Best Ecommerce Website Builders are Available in Market.

1.Wix – Ecommerce Website Builder

Wix Ecommerce Website Builder


+Powerful website builder Support for online bookings Ecommerce

+specific plans and features


Not for beginners

Poor customer support

Ecommerce websites can be built using Wix, but any website can be developed using the platform. There are hundreds of themes and templates to choose from, as well as a drag-and-drop site builder with every premium plan. 

Abandoned cart recovery, sales tax automation, and subscription management are all features specific to ecommerce. You can even monetize your services and host events using the booking platform.

What is Wix’s most significant asset? First, it doesn’t charge commissions for each transaction. The program also does not restrict you from selling or completing transactions within any given period. Additionally, there are no bandwidth restrictions with Wix. There are dedicated tools for marketing and analytics. Finally, subscribers to the business plan have access to customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Choose from four different business plans for e-commerce websites. Generally, 22 dollars a month for Business Basic should be enough for most small to medium-sized companies. Video storage is available for five hours with 20GB of storage. Upgrades are always available. 

Business Unlimited and Business VIP offer 30GB and 50GB of regular storage, although the rest of the features remain the same. Business VIP also offers priority support. Moreover, there is a $500 per month enterprise plan. Read our Wix review to learn more: if you plan to use Wix, make sure to read our step-by-step Wix tutorial before you begin.

2.Shopify – Ecommerce Website Builder

Shopify Ecommerce Website Builder


+Lots of features

+Third-party app store

+Built-in payment gateway



Charges transaction fees

Wix is cheaper than Shopify, but there are good reasons for it. Over one million stores are currently running on Shopify’s platform, making it the most powerful website builder with ecommerce features. Each plan includes several features, such as web hosting, unlimited bandwidth, a content delivery network (CDN), and 24/7 customer support. 

Additionally, you get tools for drop-shipping, abandoned cart recovery, shipping rate management, and customer account management. It also offers free, in-house handling of all e-commerce transactions. When you use third-party payment gateways to process transactions, Shopify charges 2.9% + 30*. These charges are not assessed when you use Shopify. 

As another option, the platform offers Shopify Payments, which is a free payment gateway. Moreover, Shopify includes an app store that gives you access to hundreds of third-party applications to integrate your store with. 

Transaction fees and a monthly cost of $29 are part of the Shopify basics. Additional features like gift cards, professional reports, advanced report building, and career shipping are also available with higher-tier plans. There are two plans: Shopify ($79) and Advanced Shopify ($299). Up to three years in advance, payments can be made yearly. 

Shopify review with more information, Wix review with details, and Shopify comparison with Wix. Check out our step-by-step guide on how to build a website with Shopify if you choose Shopify.

3.BigCommerce – Ecommerce Website Builder

BigCommerce Ecommerce Website Builder


+Packed with features

+B2B support

+Drag-and-drop site builder


Not very beginner-friendly

Costs can be prohibitive for beginners

To optimize your sales, you should consider Big Commerce if you want to leverage every channel. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping, Amazon, and eBay can easily be integrated. Due to its drag-and-drop technique, the website builder is incredibly versatile and easy to use. 

You have a lot of options to choose from, which advanced users will undoubtedly appreciate. You can also manage your customers, bulk price, and so on. You won’t need third-party apps or extensions to utilize most features.

There is a flip side, however. Due to its many features, BigCommerce can seem a bit overwhelming to beginners, who may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options it offers. In addition, a small budget can cause you to pay more for features you aren’t even using, which is problematic. 

Ecommerce businesses with Ecommerce Website Builder that are looking to increase sales are best suited to BigCommerce. Perhaps a platform with more minor features and a less expensive price tag would be a better alternative. You can register for a 15-day free trial and keep using the service for free afterwards. BigCommerce Standard costs $29.95 per month. 

A higher-tier plan offers even more features, like adding abandoned carts to the saved collection, filtering products, and displaying prices. The Plus plan of BigCommerce is $79.95 per month, while the Pro plan is $299.95. We have a review of BigCommerce if you’d like to find out more.

4.Squarespace – Ecommerce Website Builder

Squarespace Ecommerce Website Builder


+Award-winning templates and designs

+Drag-and-drop site builder

+Analytics and customer management


Relatively expensive

No free plan

Squarespace is one of the most popular website builders and is especially loved by people within the creative community. This is because it comes with an award-winning site. Almost any business could use these templates. The site has excellent ecommerce capabilities at a price similar to a regular subscription while also being highly polished and intuitive. 

The powerful drag-and-drop editor allows you to design pretty much any ecommerce store. Digital goods, products, and services can all be sold with it. The platform is rich in features, including SEO and blogging tools, a detailed analytics dashboard, a vast range of apps, and much more. Although there’s no central marketplace for one-click installation of unsupported third-party apps, you can inject your code if you wish.

A business plan for online stores will cost you at least $18 a month, while more extensive and more dedicated online stores can choose from Basic Commerce and Advanced Commerce for $26 and $40, respectively. A customer account management service is also included with these plans. 

To learn more about this website builder, read our Squarespace review, and to learn how to build a Squarespace website, make sure to refer to our Walkthrough on how to use Squarespace. Our Wix vs Squarespace comparison also compares it to a significant competitor.

5.Volusion – Ecommerce Website Builder

Volusion Ecommerce Website Builder


+Trusted brand

+Ecommerce-specific features

+Excellent support material


Sales and product limitations

Not are easy to get used to

Since 1999, Volusion has provided website builders with e-commerce functionality. The company will have sold 28 billion dollars worth of services by 2021 and host more than 30,000 online stores. 

The features in Volusion are like those in BigCommerce, and it is therefore suited for experienced ecommerce store owners. However, it has a knowledge base with plenty of resources to help you get started. 

There is a limited selection of free templates available for Volusion, and those that are paid are very expensive. However, a few features are worth mentioning, such as abandoned cart recovery, customer data migration, and product categorization.

The Volusion Merchant Program, Volusion’s charge card processor, is available only to US customers. However, Volusion offers credit card acceptance to users from other countries. Payments can also be made using PayPal and Stripe.

Volusion’s plan is $29 per month. You can only sell 50 products per year and $50,000 per year. Users who want more can upgrade to Professional ($79 a month), which offers sales up to $100,000 and 5,000 products. 

A business plan costs $299 a month, which includes priority support and allows you to sell up to $500k. As a final option, enterprise users can calculate custom pricing based on what is required. To learn more, read our full Volusion review.

6.Weebly – Ecommerce Website Builder

Weebly Ecommerce Website Builder


+Very accessible to use+Free ecommerce hosting+Includes email marketing tools


Lacks in featuresLimited site builder

A site builder and hosting service, Weebly offers a forever free plan. An essential ecommerce website can be launched entirely free of charge under this plan. Upgrades are always available to users who require additional features. 

With the drag-and-drop builder, you don’t need to have any coding knowledge, and it’s easy to use, quite functional, and affordable. In summary, Weebly is an excellent option for entrepreneurs who are considering an online ecommerce store. Additionally, there are tools for managing shipping and inventory and analytics and SEO tools. 

Weebly’s tags are used to show when products are out of stock. Starting at $12 a month for a Pro subscription, it offers three paid and a forever free plan. Using Business, you can manage inventory, calculate taxes, and calculate shipping costs.

Square developed Weebly, so it’s integrated into Square’s POS system. You can manage all of your customers from one unified dashboard. It’s worth noting that Square is pivoting towards its ecommerce store builder in the long run, with new customers already being diverted to it. There will be no change to the features and functionality provided to existing Weebly customers.

You can find out more about Square’s website builder by reading our Square Online review, or, if you choose to use it, you can view our step-by-step guide on how to use Square Online.

7.Zyro – Ecommerce Website Builder

Zyro Ecommerce Website Builder


+Extremely easy to use

+Powerful AI

+Drag-and-drop interface


Not many add ones or features

-Can’t switch templates mid

-design less

Beginners can build their websites with Zyro. If you’re starting in website design and do not want to commit to a heavier commitment, this is a great choice. It features an intuitive interface and a low starting price. Drag-and-drop is a user-friendly interface that allows you to create a website with just a few clicks. 

There are quite a few different themes to choose from, organized into nine groups according to your niche. Amazon, Instagram, and Facebook are options for selling products in your store. But Zyro’s main selling point is artificial intelligence, which uses automatic content creators, logo makers, and heat maps to develop business names, slogans, and brand identities. 

Different Themes

There are quite a few different themes to choose from, organized into nine groups according to your niche. Connect your online store with Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram so that you can sell products there. But Zyro’s main selling point is artificial intelligence, which uses automatic content creators, logo makers, and heat maps to develop business names, slogans, and brand identities. 

Using the content generator, you can create ready-to-publish content for your website with just a few clicks, which comes in handy if you’re not a writer. Furthermore, all of these features are offered at quite a low price, so that you can easily choose the best package among the bunch without sacrificing too much.

For just $1.89 a month, Zyro offers a basic plan. Unleashed costs $3.09 per month, e-commerce costs $8.99 per month, and ecommerce Plus costs $14.99 per month. For your online store, Unleashed, ecommerce, and e-commerce Plus offer unlimited storage and bandwidth, as well as free domain registration. 

Check out our Zyro review for more information. ecommerce and ecommerce Plus plans also include inventory management and shipping capabilities. Only e-commerce Plus allows unlimited products per online store. 


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