5 Best Chrome VPN Extension in 2021

best chrome vpn extensions
The Chrome VPN Extension can be the most efficient method of changing your place of residence.

Google Chrome VPN extensions are available from almost all of the most reliable VPN providers. They’re typically a streamlined version of their desktop application however, while they might not have all features, they’re an effective method to change your location, as well as accessing restricted websites or streaming content.

All VPNs are not created equal There are also differences. The dedicated Chrome VPN extension may permit you to control the desktop app within Chrome and is a great feature for functionality and performance. Some extensions are completely within-browser extensions. These are extremely useful for computers that don’t support or allow VPN clients.

What is the most effective Chrome VPN?

When choosing your Chrome VPN, first think about what you want from it. Do wish to be completely private and stream media from all over the globe or do you require a fast and simple method to check your email and bank in complete security?

If you’re just looking for basic capabilities, you could discover a no-cost VPN that works with Chrome that will meet your requirements however if you’re looking for advanced features or streaming services an expensive service is required.

To help you decide for yourself, we’ve created this list of five top Chrome VPNs currently available. Top of the list is ExpressVPN It’s simple to use, quick and reliable, and comes with the most powerful Chrome VPN extension in addition to its highly-rated PC VPN client. There are many other options worth looking into, however, so take a look at the top five VPNs for Chrome that are available right now.

The most effective Chrome VPN extensions are to be released in 2021.




Reasons to Buy

+Feature-rich Chrome extension
+Excellent customer support 24 hours a day
+Wide international coverage of servers
+Reliable and quick

The reasons to stay clear of

App is required to enable the extension

ExpressVPN is by far the most powerful VPN that is available and it’s only natural that you receive an excellent Chrome VPN extension, too. Yes, it’s a complete extension, not only an intermediary like other VPNs provide.

What you’re getting is the desktop application accessible in your web browser. This means that you’ll need to install the client and if it is installed then you’ll have plenty of power in your hands.

In contrast to many Chrome VPN extensions, activating ExpressVPN in-browser gives you total security, not only your browsing data as well as your entire device. It’s also very convenient because you don’t need to open the desktop application to use the browser extension. It’s already in Chrome installed and waiting to be activated.

You’ll be able to enjoy WebRTC blocking locations spoofing and HTTPS everywhere (even if the extension isn’t enabled) to keep your browsing and personal information private along with fast connection speeds as well as other apps that work on every device as well as a slick support system that can help you if there’s a problem. In addition, the Chrome VPN prevents HTML5 geolocations from showing your location. This is something the desktop application can’t automatically do.

Get access to streaming sites via Chrome when you travel and Express will be there for you by allowing access to Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and many more. This is remarkable when you consider that streaming services continually try to stop VPNs.

If you’re looking to give the most reliable Chrome VPN the chance to try it out, ExpressVPN offers a 30-day refund policy, however, we believe that it will exceed if not meet your expectations of the features an internet-based VPN will provide.



The reasons to buy

+Unlimited simultaneous connections
+Free 10GB per month option PlusClear the privacy policies
+Works without a desktop client

Reasons to avoid

Slightly congested interface

Windscribe is a fantastic option if you’re in search of an unfeasible VPN, however, what makes it stand out is its outstanding Chrome VPN extension. Although it’s a proxy, you do not have to install the actual’ VPN client on your PC to use it which is a great feature for laptops at work and other devices that you may not wish to or are unable to use to download software. This resolves one of the biggest problems with this ExpressVPN extension.

In addition, the extension comes with an array of impressive options. There is a myriad of blocking options that protect against advertisements, social media, additional trackers such as WebRTC websites, malware, and website notification. Additionally, you’ll get the ability to spoof timezones and users agents as well as advanced cookie control that can erase all cookies once you quit a web page.

In addition to a full-blown VPN Windscribe’s extension will effectively relocate you to another location and give you access to restricted sites in the geo-location and also by providing the servers of 10 different countries (over sixty if choosing to purchase the premium plan) there should be plenty of options to pick from, including Netflix-compatible “Windflix servers.

It’s a completely free service There are some drawbacks which include the 10GB limit on data usage – however, for a highly-featured extension, we’re able to accept. If that you require more than the limit, premium plans include unlimited data.

Although it’s not able to match the real power with ExpressVPN’s extension, which controls the client on the desktop it’s an entirely distinct creature. The standalone Chrome VPN extension is one of the tops available, and with no cost, it’s worth a look.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

Reasons to Buy

+Feature-rich Chrome extension
+Great privacy tools
+Simple to use

Reasons to avoid

No live chat feature Live chat support is not available. Limited areas

Private Internet Access – or PIA is an affordable option that comes with many features within its Chrome VPN extension at a reasonable cost. This is all without requiring any effort to use, which makes it the perfect choice for VPN novices.

There are several excellent security features available when you use the browser VPN extension. These include blocking cookies from third-party websites, Flash blocking or disabling, WebRTC leak protection, auditing hyperlinks auto-filling of credit cards, and many more.

Of, of course, PIA will also take charge of the major issues including blocking the location of sites and also microphone and camera access while downloading speeds are superior with the VPN operating. In our tests, we found that PIA can connect to Netflix as well as Hulu however it has issues functioning as an iPlayer VPN.

Although PIA does not have the number of server locations offered by ExpressVPN, and the support is a bit inadequate, it’s an incredibly helpful Chrome VPN extension available at an affordable cost and is a choice worth looking into.



Reasons to Buy

+Good choice of servers for free PlusUnlimited Free data
+Unblocks streaming media

The reasons to stay clear of

No-kill switch nor customer assistance

CyberGhost is regarded as one of the best VPNs available Another option to add to its bow is the no-cost Chrome VPN extension that is available. Although not as robust as the premium VPN it is a browser extension that works without the need to install the desktop client, so it’s incredibly easy to use.

With eight servers across four countries, it’s a good selection of servers compared to free services however, we were pleasantly surprised by the ability to unblock streaming – you’ll be able to watch US Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

If you’re interested in the complete package, at an affordable cost it is possible to upgrade your account to 6200 VPN servers across 90 countries. In addition, you’ll be able to use CyberGhost’s fantastic desktop application with its streaming and torrenting system. Also included are a kill switch, customer support, and secured Flash access.

Although it’s not as good as ExpressVPN for a no-cost Chrome VPN, CyberGhost’s is powerful and extremely user-friendly. If upgrades are made, it will just improve.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield

Reasons to Buy

+Super rapid connection
+Free trial option

Reasons to avoid

Not cheapConfiguration limited

Hotspot Shield is a great Chrome VPN extension option if you’re looking for something simple to use, has a fast speed, and is completely free. The free version has very limited strings, even though it’s basic, with just four locations – and, of course, it’s not as speedy VPN like it is the paid version.

One of the reasons Hotspot Shield is so simple is because when you fire it up with one click, it instantly selects the most efficient server based on your location. You’ll be connected in a matter of minutes.

To protect yourself, you can use secure 256-bit encryption that is available over the 1800 servers spread across 80 countries. But, those who value true privateness will feel disappointed by Hotspot’s log policy. Although the service says it will not keep any data that could reveal your identity, the details such as the amount of bandwidth you use and times to connect are recorded.

If you’re in search of a fast easy Chrome VPN However, Hotspot Shield is a suitable choice. And with the guarantee of 45-day money-back is worth trying in case you’re looking for some basic privacy while on the move using your laptop.

The Best Chrome VPN: FAQ


Does Chrome come with a VPN?


Although Chrome is extremely well-equipped it does not come with an in-built VPN. But, this isn’t an issue since there are numerous browser-based VPNs available and not the least of the top five mentioned above also for cloud hosting service. Fortunately, Chrome is also the ideal environment for a VPN that works in a browser to operate in. It’s robust, simple, straightforward to use, and extremely customizable and therefore there are fantastic Chrome VPNs that function just as effectively as standalone VPNs.

Is there a no-cost Chrome VPN extension?


A no-cost Chrome extension can be an appealing option for anonymity while browsing and data security at no cost is a great deal. But, in reality, these free services aren’t as effective as they appear. The first thing to think about is how the service for free is earning its profits. You’re likely to see ads or, perhaps it might be stealing your data and then selling it to make a profit. If this is the case it’s best to use the VPN in no way.

There are some great free Chrome VPNs available such as Windscribe number 2 on this list, but generally speaking, you won’t have an excellent all-around VPN experience without paying.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Surfshark for instance provides a completely secure with a fully featured VPN service that costs less than $2.50 per month. Although the Chrome VPN isn’t strong enough to make it onto our list of recommended VPNs, the service performs great as a light proxy extension. At an affordable price that you won’t even notice and we believe it’s worth the money.

What is the most effective Chrome VPN extension do?


A reliable Chrome VPN extension is not just easy to set up and operate, but it should also offer many in-depth options. Although some simple proxy extensions switch on and off in Chrome – and this is helpful however we’d prefer more robust alternatives. The option to choose the location you’d like to connect to is a basic, but an extremely useful feature – ideal if you want to stream geo-restricted content on one tab and want to have the location you want to choose.

Security features can be useful in the ability to block your address from websites blocking camera and access to microphones are essential. Additional features we recommend keeping in mind are the blocking of cookies by third parties, Flash blocking or disabling, WebRTC leak protection, auditing hyperlinks, and auto-filling credit cards. The ability to utilize Netflix VPN unblocking is also beneficial.

No matter which option you pick you choose, you should know that a VPN Chrome extension is only never as effective in comparison to the VPN behind it – is why the most comprehensive and feature-packed independent VPN can be an excellent choice.


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